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At DealVoucherz, we always try to maintain the privacy of our website users. We believe that every user has the right to get the best experience from DealVoucherz. In simple and clear language, we have presented our privacy policies and data protection techniques. Our team ensures that it will be acceptable to every website visitor. Prior to using our services or products, it is better to go to this page.

Our website collects only those details, which are provided directly by our users. We gather this information while our website users access to this platform or register their name to use our service. They will need to give the accurate data, like email ID, name and contact details. While they contact our team for assistance, we may also like to obtain their information.

For any reason, while you do not desire to share your personal data with our team, we will not get the chance of helping you with some services or products.

What do we collect?

The way in which we collect the information is safe and also technologically advanced. The devices, used by our website visitors, their IP address, browsers, OS of the device and the process of engaging with our websites- these factors will never affect the safety of our data collection.

Our website automatically gets the information on

•    All the activities of users (like viewed pages, searches and accessed features)

•    Browser, OS and type of their device

•    IP address

•    outbound and inbound websites

•    The way how our users are interacting with our ads, coupons, and any other available content available

•    Time and date of visiting our site or using our services

•    Location details

How our team uses the data-

We will use the collected data for various reasons-

•    Operate our website, maintain it, and enhances our service and products quality

•    Make interaction with our website visitors to give information on coupons, promos, ads and several other offerings, related to our services.

•    Help in printing coupon, loading it, and assists with redemption process

•    Check out our marketing campaigns or promotional efforts

•    Enable the users in getting the customised solutions from our website (promotions and targeted ads

•    Combine the data for various purposes, like market evaluation, usage assessment,  web visitors analysis, reports and insights

•    To meet managerial needs, like customer assistance

•    To be compliant with all the legal rules, solve conflicts, and make agreements

We use data at the right time-

We need to reveal the data including PII to a third party only in some situations.

•    Legal authority has asked us to show the data

•    We consider that revelation of essential for the protection of rights and for ensuring safety of any other person

•    We share with our affiliates and send a notification to the user through email


Cookie, as a small-sized text file, acts as the identifier. While the users visit our website, we can save more than one cookie. We apply these cookies to fulfil various needs. Our policies present them with more resources or assets on our cookies. We will use persistent and session cookies. This persistent one remains intact after the users have closed their browsers. The browsers may also find it while the visitor visits the website on another time. Though persistent cookies are removable, the browsers are always different.


Our team is concerned with securing the privacy of our website users and customers’ information. Our company offers electronic, technical and physical, safeguards for saving the data, processed by us. For instance, we will limit the accessibility to the data only to our genuine staff or contractors as they should know these details for the enhancement of our service.


We can update our Privacy Policy at any time, and you will get notified of this modification. That is why you may better read this page regularly to continue using our service safely.

So, consider these privacy policies, while you visit our site. Our goal is to get innovative ways for money and time for our clients and website users.  We have chosen the right means for accomplishing our goals and develop a good community.

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