Happiness For Shopaholics

October 9, 2014 DV_Blog


For all the shopaholic out there, it’s always ‘I Want It All!’. Shopping is always on priority, may it be the best of our moods or the worst of it. It’s always a ‘100% YES’ for shopping all round the clock. There are two categories of shopaholic: 1)Those who spend money 2)Those who spend money WISELY The spotlight is on the word ‘WISE... Read More

The Fashionista’s World – Current Trends

August 30, 2014 DV_Blog


No matter how much the world says that we are a busy generation and always keep running out of time, when it comes to fashion and latest trends, our life comes to a grinding halt. Not only do we want to stay first but also ensure that the trend lasts for long. Let’s just have a quick look at what’s hot and latest in the fashion world. For all t... Read More
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