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Take a one day trip around UK that also suits your pocket!

January 26, 2017 DV_Blog


Travelling is a need and not a luxury. You agree, right? Visiting new places relaxes your mind, and gives you a very rejuvenating feeling. It helps you to strengthen your relationships, and spend quality time with your family or your close friends, away from life's humdrum affairs. Most importantly, it helps you to discover yourself, and with that,... Read More

Fitness tips for New Year

January 17, 2017 DV_Blog


2017 is just knocking on the door and you must be all geared up to welcome it with open arms. Winter is officially the party season and too much of cakes and wines can lead to an increasing waistline. Usually by the end of the year we give up on most of the fitness pledges taken in the beginning of the year. To get back in shape right from the begi... Read More

Books to read when you are a teenager

January 12, 2017 DV_Blog


It is not a surprise anymore that "books" are no more a favorite among kids, especially teenagers; owing to the introduction of smart phones and a whole range of exciting gadgets for them to spend their free time. However, the advantages of reading can never be wiped out. Starting from increasing one's kn... Read More