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Google Pixel Reviews

December 31, 2016 DV_Blog


google pixel reviews
After several years of manning the Nexus line of devices to showcase the latest and greatest in Android, this year, Google decided to shake things up. Instead of partnering up with an OEM to manufacture a device, Google went ahead and decided to manufacture one all by themselves this year. This is how in short, the Pixel line of devices came into e... Read More

UK shoppers now prefer online shopping to street shopping

December 19, 2016 DV_Blog


Online shopping
It’s been 20 years since the first online shop opened in the UK. Today, 45% of British shoppers prefer buying their items online. Online shopping became an instant hit in the UK after Ten Summoner’s Tale; an audio album became the first item to be sold online. In 2015, UK shopper spent a total of £91 billion, and it has been anticipated that t... Read More