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Exercise Must-Haves

November 26, 2014 DV_Blog


You must be experiencing anxious bouts by one slightest thought. Are you getting a sense of frustration throughout the day due to the constant huffing and puffing after the smallest walk outdoor? Maybe your heart has started its journey towards failure! Or worst - chances are it may just give up. Visit your doctor with the above symptoms, the first... Read More

Geek Toys!

November 24, 2014 DV_Blog


“Mommy! Look at me, I am a Ninja. I can fly over the sky and break heavy set walls.” Blood drained out of my body when Sam said that to me one day. You are definitely little worried of the fact that your child is exposed to a number of technological advances and his safety is at stake - especially if you are a Mother of a boy.  Being a mother ... Read More

Just Another Diet or A Lifestyle Choice – Choice is Yours!!

November 18, 2014 DV_Blog



Must have heard a lot about weight loss fads, crash diets, so on, and so forth. Right? Yes. Me too! And also must have heard and experienced the failures that these diets prove to be once routine starts. My dietician always advises me to indulge in things that have a scope of becoming routine. Crash diets... Read More

This Cyber Monday what’s your Deal!

November 15, 2014 DV_Blog



Fashion Deals

Promod UK Save £10 on every £20 spend on Men’s Collection and also get a free scarf on ordering for more than £30. Free delivery offers are available for purchase above £20. Read More

Credit Card Facts You Probably Didn’t Know (Yet)

November 2, 2014 DV_Blog


Credit Cards – The best plastic buddies you’ll ever have. The favourite ones always sit in the top pocket of your wallet. These little plastic bits are mysterious, also scary at times. Credit Cards are everywhere. They are always there for our rescue when we are just about to buy anything. You think you know ‘everything’ a... Read More